No Potomac Pipeline Campaign

Waterkeepers Chesapeake has joined several Maryland and West Virginia groups, including the Upper Potomac Riverkeeper, in the No Potomac Pipeline Campaign to stop TransCanada from building a fracked gas pipeline under the C&O Canal and the Potomac River. This four-mile pipeline would bring fracked gas from Pennsylvania to West Virginia, and would travel through Maryland, just west of Hancock, Maryland, and is called the Eastern Panhandle Expansion Project. The campaign is urging Governor Hogan and the Maryland Department of Environment to do a thorough evaluation during the water quality certification process and to reject the pipeline.

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Take Action to Protect Our Water from Fracked Gas Pipelines!

Natural gas pipelines carrying fracked gas from other states are being proposed across Maryland – from the mountains in the west to the Eastern Shore. This expansion of fracked gas infrastructure poses significant risks to our state’s water and environment. We ask you to write to your representatives to urge support of the Maryland Pipeline … Read more

Advocates Introduce Legislation to Protect Maryland Waters from Fracked Gas Pipelines

Sen. Zirkin, Del. Fraser-Hidalgo Sponsor Pipeline and Water Protection Act Last week, the Maryland Pipeline and Water Protection Act (PAWPA) was introduced, the latest move to protect Maryland’s waters from dirty, dangerous fracked gas pipelines. PAWPA would require the state of Maryland to conduct a full Water Quality Certification review of any proposed fracked gas … Read more

Governor Hogan Joins In Unanimous Vote Against Permit for “Potomac Pipeline”

Vote Could Stop Controversial Fracked Gas Pipeline Under the Potomac River In a surprising move, Governor Hogan joined other Maryland Board of Public Works members in voting to reject a permit necessary for a fracked gas pipeline known as the “Potomac Pipeline.” During the Maryland Board of Public Works’ meeting on Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019, … Read more

Fracked Gas Pipeline Under Potomac River Receives FERC Stamp of Approval

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Rubberstamps Another Pipeline, Ignoring Science and Local Opposition The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) on July 19, 2018, approved TransCanada’s application to build a new natural gas pipeline that would carry fracked gas from Pennsylvania across Western Maryland to West Virginia, passing under the Potomac River. Three out of five FERC … Read more

Planned Fracked Gas Pipelines Will Crisscross Our Watershed

Efforts continue to stop two huge pipelines that will cut through the region: the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and the Mountain Valley Pipeline. There are several legal challenges pending on both pipelines but construction continues. Waterkeepers Cheseapeake recently filed a request to the State Water Control Board asking them to direct the Virginia Department of Environmental … Read more

Federal Environmental Review of TransCanada Pipeline Under the Potomac Critically Flawed

Waterkeepers Chesapeake, Potomac Riverkeeper Network and other partners submitted comments on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC) Environmental Assessment (EA) of TransCanada’s proposed fracked gas pipeline under the Potomac River. Our comments call out the agency for a variety of failures of analysis, including outdated methodologies, reliance on inaccurate or unsupported facts, and unwarranted conclusions. For over … Read more

Waterkeepers Denounce Maryland’s Decision Waiving Permit for Drilling Under the Potomac

Needs to Consider Risk of Spill to Drinking Water for Six Million In comments filed, Waterkeepers Chesapeake joined several groups in calling on the Maryland Department of Environment (MDE) to deny a state Nontidal Wetlands Permit for the controversial Potomac pipeline, after learning that MDE purposely exempted environmental review of impacts to the Potomac and … Read more

March in Annapolis to Stop Fracked Gas Pipeline Under the Potomac!

Maryland has until March to issue a decision about TransCanada’s application to build a fracked gas pipeline under the Potomac River. That’s less than two months away, yet the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) is giving no signs that they are conducting a full review of the proposed pipeline’s impact on our water quality … Read more

Waterkeepers Call on Hogan Administration to Protect Potomac River from Fracked Gas Pipeline

Waterkeepers Chesapeake, representing 19 Riverkeepers, Waterkeepers and Coastkeepers across the Chesapeake Bay region, are concerned about the health of the Potomac River watershed, which provides drinking water for millions – and could be jeopardized by the construction and operation of the Potomac Pipeline. We are joining 17 other groups calling for the Maryland Department of … Read more

Add Your Voice to Stop Fracked Gas Pipeline Under the Potomac!

TransCanada wants to build a fracked-gas pipeline underneath our treasured Potomac River and C&O Canal. This company has shown its reckless disregard for public safety and the environment, and now it wants to threaten our own drinking water and communities for a pipeline that won’t benefit Marylanders in any way. The December 19th Maryland Department … Read more