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Stop Maryland from Waiving its Right to Protect Local Waterways!

We ask you to send an email today to your Maryland state representatives urging them to support Conowingo Dam Emergency Legislation (HB427/SB540). This bipartisan bill would prevent Maryland from waiving its Water Quality Certification authority in any agreement, including the settlement agreement with Exelon on the Conowingo Dam 50-year federal relicensing. The Maryland Department of … Read more

Take Action – Ensure that All Marylanders Have a Right to Safe Drinking Water

The Safe Drinking Water Act is the primary federal law governing the health of the nation’s drinking water, but its protections do not extend to private drinking wells and smaller community-based water systems. Roughly 2 million Marylanders rely on well water as their primary drinking source and are expected to take the safety of their … Read more

Urge Your Virginia State Senator to Support a Ban on Foam!

The Virginia Senate is gearing up to vote on Delegate Betsy Carr’s HB 1902, which bans single-use polystyrene foam cups and food containers. Most everyone can agree that plastic pollution is a huge problem, and nothing that we use for a few minutes should be allowed to pollute our rivers and oceans for hundreds of … Read more

Take Action – Maryland Residents Harmed by Water Pollution Should Have a Voice

Residents and communities are usually the first to notice and report pollution in their local waterways. And they are often the ones harmed by that pollution. If a state takes action against the polluter, these citizens impacted by the pollution have a right under the federal Clean Water Act to intervene in the case so … Read more

Take Action to Support PFAS Protection Act in Maryland!

People across the state and country are exposed to PFAS chemicals in consumer products, food and food packaging, and drinking water. Exposure to PFAS is linked to cancer and other illnesses. Urge your Maryland legislators to pass the PFAS Protection Act (SB195/HB22) introduced by Sen. Sarah Elfreth & Del. Sara Love. Maryland, like many states, … Read more

Take Action to Stop Chemical Conversion Plants in Virginia!

The Virginia legislature is considering HB2173/SB1164, a bill that would weaken environmental oversight and permitting of chemical plants that melt down plastic waste to turn it into fuel, or often more plastic. The chemical and plastics industries have branded this “Advanced Recycling”, but the truth is that this bill would give these polluting industries a … Read more