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Dominion Power Plant

The Supreme Court Gutted the EPA. What Now?

We are outraged and alarmed by today’s overreaching U.S. Supreme Court decision on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s authority to slash carbon dioxide under the Clean Air Act. This decision doesn’t just handcuff the EPA when it comes to addressing climate change. It also threatens to limit the agency’s powers beyond the regulation of polluting … Read more

Act Now to Stop Water Pollution Violations in Maryland!

Maryland has hundreds of facilities currently polluting our local waterways, endangering public health, local economies and our drinking water. The agency in charge of enforcement – the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) – is critically understaffed and is failing to identify, inspect and enforce against these violations, causing pollution to continue for months or … Read more

Gov. Hogan: Rural Marylanders Deserve Safe Drinking Water!

Nearly one million Marylanders rely on well water as their primary drinking source and must take the safety of their drinking water into their own hands. Unfortunately, many have not been informed about potential drinking water contaminants, do not know they should test their wells annually, or cannot afford the cost of testing. Access to … Read more

Ensure All Marylanders Have Safe Drinking Water!

Take Action and tell your Maryland legislators to pass House Bill 250 and ensure safe drinking water for all Marylanders today! The Safe Drinking Water Act is the primary federal law governing the health of the nation’s drinking water, but its protections do not extend to private drinking wells and smaller community-based water systems. Roughly 830,000 … Read more

Take Action to Restore Patuxent Riverkeeper to Patuxent River Commission

Take action today to ask your Maryland legislators to reinstate environmental and community advocates to the Patuxent River Commission. SB367 & HB716 sponsored by Sen. Paul Pinsky, Del. Mary Lehman and many others would make the Patuxent Riverkeeper a permanent member of the Patuxent River Commission. Secretary of Planning Robert McCord dismissed Patuxent Riverkeeper Fred … Read more