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Take Action to Stop Chemical Conversion Plants in Virginia!

The Virginia legislature is considering HB2173/SB1164, a bill that would weaken environmental oversight and permitting of chemical plants that melt down plastic waste to turn it into fuel, or often more plastic. The chemical and plastics industries have branded this “Advanced Recycling”, but the truth is that this bill would give these polluting industries a … Read more

Take Action: Urge Pennsylvania’s RGGI to Include Ag Practices that Reduce CO2 Emissions and Sequester Carbon

Pennsylvania is set to take part in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) to reduce climate change pollution from electric power plants. Pennsylvania’s power sector, currently the fifth dirtiest in the nation, could achieve significant emission reductions through RGGI while creating value in myriad ways by driving investment in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and climate … Read more

Take Action to Strengthen the Cleanup Plan for Conowingo Dam

The recently released draft Conowingo Dam Cleanup Plan, known as a Watershed Implementation Plan (WIP), has serious flaws that need to be addressed: it doesn’t address reducing sediment pollution, there is no financing mechanism, and it doesn’t account for increasing pollution loads due to climate change. We are asking you to take action and submit … Read more