Report Pollution

We have made it easier to find and report pollution — and to report the fun things you see and do on the river. Working with The Commons we developed a mobile app, which is a Bay-wide initiative, to gather critical data on the waterways you love! The Water Reporter App is available for download for free!

If you’re out and about and see debris flowing from a construction site, cows in your stream, or a pipe discharging questionable water, use the app to report it. Or if you are hiking, biking or paddling let us know and send photos & video. If your organization or group is planning a stream cleanup, tree planting, or any water related activity, please report those on the app as well! We will try to advertise far and wide.

Once your report is submitted it will be sent to your local Waterkeeper and to a live map available on the Water Reporter website. There are 18 local Waterkeepers in the Chesapeake Bay region waiting for your reports!

Learn more at

You can also contact your local Waterkeeper or your local environmental protection agency directly to report pollution.