Take Action to Protect Our Water from Fracked Gas Pipelines!

Natural gas pipelines carrying fracked gas from other states are being proposed across Maryland – from the mountains in the west to the Eastern Shore. This expansion of fracked gas infrastructure poses significant risks to our state’s water and environment.

We ask you to write to your representatives to urge support of the Maryland Pipeline and Water Protection Act (PAWPA) to protect Maryland’s waters from dirty, dangerous fracked gas pipelines.

PAWPA would require the state of Maryland to conduct a full Water Quality Certification review of proposed fracked gas pipelines, as it is authorized to do under section 401 of the Clean Water Act, to assess their impact on the state’s water resources. Previously, state authorities abdicated this responsibility for the Potomac Pipeline and other pipelines.

We urge you to tell your representative to support SB387 and HB669 with amendments to have this act apply to all new gas pipelines (interstate and intrastate) and to have the public notice, comment and hearing provisions apply to all projects that fall under Clean Water Act Section 401. With the proliferation of proposed fracked gas pipelines, this Act is critically important to protect state’s water resources, threaten communities and our climate.