Clean Water Successes

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Waterkeepers Chesapeake, Lower Susquehanna Riverkeeper, Sassafras Riverkeeper

The U.S. Court of Appeals issued an opinion vacating licensing of the Conowingo Dam and remanded it back to FERC. The court agreed with Waterkeepers Chesapeake, Lower Susquehanna Riverkeeper and ShoreRivers' argument that FERC exceeded its authority when it approved a 50-year license without including the Water Quality Certification that Maryland issued in 2018.
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Waterkeepers Chesapeake

Waterkeepers Chesapeake with a broad coalition of Waterkeepers and community groups, passed "The Environment – Discharge Permits – Inspections and Administrative Continuations" Bill that requires the MDE to clear the backlog of more than 200 outdated or expired water pollution control permits, nicknamed "zombie permits", and update them by 2026, and to inspect facilities in significant noncompliance with their permits once per month.

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Lower Susquehanna Riverkeeper

Hanover Foods forced to address violations including excessive levels of contaminants, floating solids and scum in a tributary of the Susquehanna River after Lower Susquehanna Riverkeeper filed lawsuit in 2021.
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Potomac Riverkeeper

In 2017, Potomac Riverkeeper convinced Alexandria, VA to go beyond minimum federal requirements and approve a plan to eliminate 70 million gallons of sewage and stormwater discharges to the Potomac River each year.
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Potomac Riverkeeper

Potomac Riverkeeper filed suit in 2016 challenging the EPA’s inadequate bacteria standards for protecting people swimming and paddling in the Potomac from sewage pollution and obtained a favorable ruling in 2019, vacating the standards and requiring new ones be issued.
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Patuxent Riverkeeper

Patuxent Riverkeeper won a civil rights agreement in 2016 requiring Maryland agencies to widen the scope of their environmental fairness analysis when reviewing applications to build new fossil fuels plants and broadens the role that overburdened communities have in the process.
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Potomac Riverkeeper

Potomac Riverkeeper filed its first enforcement action in 2004 that led to reduced sewage pollution from Charles Town, WV and Hagerstown, MD