Plan outlines strategy to pay for Conowingo cleanup

Plan outlines strategy to pay for Conowingo cleanup, Bay Journal, Karl Blankenship, January 25, 2021

Betsy Nicholas, executive director of Waterkeepers Chesapeake, said Maryland should withdraw its deal with Exelon, which has not been finalized, and negotiate a new one. “Those costs will fall on the backs of state taxpayers in all of the Bay partnership states unless Maryland holds Exelon accountable for their fair share of these costs,” she said.

Exelon has maintained that it is not responsible for pollution originating upstream that was trapped behind the dam.

Nicholas also raised social and economic justice concerns about relying on tax money collected largely from urban areas to fund pollution control practices primarily on Pennsylvania farms.

“Rural agricultural areas do need assistance and funding,” she said, “but it needs be done in such a way that it doesn’t shift the burden to other areas already struggling with their own pollution problems.”