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4% of every sale supports Waterkeepers Chesapeake!

Go Play Outside ® encourages and promotes the exploration of the natural world in all its forms, from paddleboarding and picnicking to biking and hiking. The heart of their brand philosophy is simple: exploring the outdoors should always be an invitation to self-awareness, self-growth, leisure and recreation, learning, and having fun. Go Play Outside ® celebrates experiencing nature to its fullest, seeking out the unknown and yet to be discoveredengaging in rest and leisure for the body and mind, and sharing moments of outdoor adventures with family, friends, and community.

Go Play Outside ® maintains a mission of social responsibility for our planet and its natural resources. Go Play Outside ® products are sourced responsibly and shipped to you with thought given to minimal packaging. And the best part is that 4% of every sale supports Waterkeepers Chesapeake!

SHOP TODAY and your dollars will support our work protecting clean water for you & your family!

Want to go play outside with your local Waterkeeper? Check out online calendar for the latest Waterkeeper activities!

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