#MyEastCoast: No Offshore Drilling Social Media Blitz

This Labor Day weekend, take part in a social media storm to say “No Offshore Drilling on #MyEastCoast!” Waterkeepers up and down the East Coast are asking for your help to spread the word that the Atlantic Coast should not be opened to seismic testing and offshore drilling and fracking for oil and gas. When you are out enjoying your favorite beach, take a photo and post to social media with #MyEastCoast!! And tag us on Facebook, @WaterkeepersCP on Twitter & @waterkeepersches on Instagram. Share your story of why we need to protect our East Coast from offshore drilling.

Should an oil disaster strike the east coast, billions of dollars will be taken out of our waterfront communities, destroying the livelihood of thousands of towns and families. Say no to Atlantic drilling and protect #MyEastCoast!

Our coastal and bay towns need healthy communities and economies, not refineries, export facilties and pipelines. Say no to Atlantic drilling and protect #MyEastCoast!

The coastlines of Virginia, Maryland and the Chesapeake Bay are our wealth, providing income to beachside and bayside communities, home to thousands of species, and scenic beauty. We can’t afford to lose it; tell your local legislators to oppose drilling in the Atlantic.

And if you live in Ocean City, contact your city council members and urge them to support a resolution banning offshore drilling.

For more information, go to www.ActforBays.org.