Fair Farms

Fair Farms brings together farmers, Waterkeepers, conservation groups, green businesses, and policy-makers to promote sustainable agriculture practices that regenerate the land, diversify local economies, and protect our water and air. For too long, food production, water and public health have been disconnected in the public dialogue and policy-making. Our farming systems and ecosystems are badly damaged — to heal one we must heal them both. Together, we can build a fairer system that helps farmers be sustainable, benefits communities, and restores our lands and waters.

Fair Farms, a multi-year public education and engagement initiative, was launched in 2015. Consumers, businesses, farmers working outside the industrial system, and allied nonprofit organizations, joined together to show that what’s good for our food system and our environment is also good for our families and communities. We can demand greater transparency from our elected officials and big food producers, and demand limits on pollution. We can also build a fairer system that helps farmers be sustainable, benefits families, and restores our lands and waters.

Farmer Advisory Council: Our Farmer Advisory Council comprises local farmers who provide guidance to Waterkeepers Chesapeake regarding our agricultural policy work. These farmers embody the principles of sustainability and educate our Waterkeeper members and policy-makers on the unique challenges facing farmers in their efforts to be responsible stewards of animals, land, water and air.

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