Monday 25 September 2017

Potomac Riverkeeper Dean Naujoks said his group has received conflicting information from Dominion and DEQ officials about the draining of untreated coal-ash water into Quantico Creek, and wants an EPA investigation into a possible violation of the federal Clean Water Act.

“We are demanding an EPA investigation,” Naujoks said Sunday. “The head of [DEQ] misled the public about dumping 30 million gallons of contaminated, untreated coal-ash water into Quantico Creek and the Potomac River. We feel the permit needs to be revoked based on this new information.”

In emails sent to the EPA Criminal Investigation Division in June and again in January, Naujoks said a June flyover of the ponds revealed “a pumping mechanism, lighting and piping,” leading from one pond to an adjacent tributary of Quantico Creek that suggested the pond water was drained at night.

Naujoks said the handling of the incident suggests Dominion cannot be trusted to follow the self-reporting stipulations outlined in the permit modification the utility received from DEQ’s State Water Control Board Jan. 14.

The Potomac Riverkeeper Network announced last week it will appeal the permit.

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Virginia Eastern Shorekeeper Jay Ford said he isn't surprised that local officials' efforts have fallen short of environmentalists' expectations. The Environmental Protection Agency is better equipped to regulate large animal-feeding operations, but the agency has been dragging its feet for years on implementing new rules. "It’s abundantly clear we’re in a gray area where regulation hasn’t caught up," he said. “Our localities are in an unfair position. You can’t ask these places that have maybe one planner and two office assistants to take reams of scientific data and turn that into a good poultry ordinance.”

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On Sound Bites, our series about our food and our world, our first group of guests reflects upon two agricultural issues before the Maryland General Assembly: The Poultry Litter Management Act and the Farmer’s Rights Act. With: Betsy Nicholas, Co-chair of Maryland Clean Agriculture Coalition and Executive Director of Waterkeepers Chesapeake.

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