Thursday 21 February 2019

Agriculture (30)

On Sound Bites, our series about our food and our world, our first group of guests reflects upon two agricultural issues before the Maryland General Assembly: The Poultry Litter Management Act and the Farmer’s Rights Act. With: Betsy Nicholas, Co-chair of Maryland Clean Agriculture Coalition and Executive Director of Waterkeepers Chesapeake. LISTEN TO THE SHOW: The Marc Steiner Show, WEAA 88.9FM, January 21, 2016

Fair Farms: WNAV’s Living Green Radio Show

Betsy Nicholas, Waterkeepers Chesapeake Executive Director and Bob Gallagher, Waterkeepers Chesapeake board member and Fair Farms’ steering committee member sat down with host Elvia Thompson for her Living Green radio show on WNAV (1430 AM; 99.9 FM in Annapolis). On air, they talked about the Fair Farms campaign, the ways that we can go about fixing our food system to be more sustainable and environmentally-friendly, and how we, as consumers, can bring about necessary change by taking the Fair Farms Pledge. LISTEN TO THE SHOW
"If we are to follow the supervisor's line of thought it is important to note that we would be discounting VIMS reports as they often carry disclaimers that they do not speak for The College of William and Mary. We appreciate that the supervisors are working hard to tackle many complicated questions surrounding the poultry industry and that they are trying to be as even handed. However, we are becoming increasingly concerned that any voices that run contrary to the recommendations made by the poultry lobbyists are being discredited rather than responded to." Virginia Eastern Shorekeeper Jay Ford Read more:, January 21, 2016