Thursday 29 June 2017

Offshore Drilling (Atlantic) (4)

The board voted to write a resolution against the commonwealth’s inclusion in the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management’s 2017-2022 leasing program. The bureau is the division of theU.S. Department of the Interior that oversees the Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Leasing Program. Chairman Spencer Murray and Supervisors Granville Hogg, Robert Duer and Larry LeMond voted yes to the resolution, while Supervisor Oliver Bennett abstained. The vote came after a presentation by Jay Ford, Virginia Eastern Shorekeeper Executive Director, who spoke on the detrimental effects offshore drilling would have on the Shore’s economy. “It’s a very important point that if we get included in this lease right now, the state, localities—you have given up any say that you will have in the future decision-making process,” said Ford. “At that point it is 100 percent in federal hands.” READ MORE... (Published in Delmarva Now, March 10, 2016)
Victory! Today, the Interior Department announced as part of a new five-year drilling plan, virtually all of the Arctic and the southeast Atlantic coast of the U.S. will become off limits for offshore drilling. Secretary Jewel Tweeted: BREAKING → Next 5-year offshore proposed plan protects the Atlantic for future generations.SJ Thanks to the hard work of the Assateague Coastal Trust, Virginia Eastern Shorekeeper, Waterkeeper Alliance and our many partners like Oceana who organized over 100 local cities and towns up and down the East Coast to oppose offshore drilling. Matt Heim from Assateague Coastal Trust worked tirelessly to get several coastal towns in Maryland and Delaware to pass resolutions against offshore drilling. On Virginia’s eastern shore, Jay Ford worked to get Accomack and Northampton counties to send their concerns to the Administration, the only Virginia counties that did. Matt, Jay and several residents traveled to Washington D.C. and Richmond to let officials know offshore drilling would be detrimental to our economy, culture and clean water. Last August, over a hundred kayaktivists gathered off the shore of Ocean City at Float for the Coast to protest offshore drilling during the annual Maryland counties meeting. "The Eastern Shore spoke with a united voice in defense of clean waters and we have been heard," Virginia Eastern Shorekeeper Jay Ford.  “This is an incredible day for our coastal towns,” said Betsy Nicholas, Executive Director. “It represents the hard work of our Waterkeepers and thousands of people up and down the Atlantic coast. It protects some of…

#MyEastCoast: No Offshore Drilling Social Media Blitz

This Labor Day weekend, take part in a social media storm to say “No Offshore Drilling on #MyEastCoast!” Waterkeepers up and down the East Coast are asking for your help to spread the word that the Atlantic Coast should not be opened to seismic testing and offshore drilling and fracking for oil and gas. When you are out enjoying your favorite beach, take a photo and post to social media with #MyEastCoast!! And tag us on Facebook, @WaterkeepersCP on Twitter & @waterkeepersches on Instagram. Share your story of why we need to protect our East Coast from offshore drilling. Should an oil disaster strike the east coast, billions of dollars will be taken out of our waterfront communities, destroying the livelihood of thousands of towns and families. Say no to Atlantic drilling and protect #MyEastCoast! Our coastal and bay towns need healthy communities and economies, not refineries, export facilties and pipelines. Say no to Atlantic drilling and protect #MyEastCoast! The coastlines of Virginia, Maryland and the Chesapeake Bay are our wealth, providing income to beachside and bayside communities, home to thousands of species, and scenic beauty. We can’t afford to lose it; tell your local legislators to oppose drilling in the Atlantic. And if you live in Ocean City, contact your city council members and urge them to support a resolution banning offshore drilling. For more information, go to Download factsheets: Offshore drilling       Seismic Testing