Thursday 29 June 2017

Coal Ash (25)

23 arrested outside Gov. McAuliffe's mansion during protest Twenty-three people were arrested Wednesday for trespassing in front of the Executive Mansion following a peaceful, three-day protest urging Gov. Terry McAuliffe to reject a pair of proposed fracked-gas pipelines, require power companies to clean up or move coal ash ponds before closing them and pass measures to prevent rising sea levels. “We’re fed up,” said Russell Chisholm, of Newport in Giles County. “We’re not professional activists. We’re real people who are being impacted by and care deeply about these issues. Enough that we’re willing to risk arrest to make our point.”   READ MORE...   Published in the Richmond Times-Dispatch on October 6, 2016 by By ALI ROCKETT    
Dominion Energy’s Coal Ash Pond Pollution In Virginia, both the James and Potomac Rivers are being severely impacted by coal ash pollution. Earlier this summer, the James River Association (JRA) objected to Dominion Energy’s draft permit to dewater coal ash ponds at Dominion’s Chesterfield Power Station on the Lower James River. Lower James Riverkeeper Jamie Brunkow points out in public comments that the permit fails to protect the river and its ecosystems, while threatening public health. More recently, JRA, along with Southern Environmental Law Center took samples at four locations near the Chesterfield Station. The results revealed high levels of coal ash contaminants, like zinc, nickel, copper, lead and arsenic in the water. This month, a Virginia state board will vote on the draft permit governing the dewatering of the Chesterfield coal ash ponds. In addition, Potomac Riverkeeper Network’s challenge of the wastewater permit for Dominion’s Possum Point plant, on Quantico Creek near the Potomac River, goes to court later this month. Tests show coal ash contaminants in drinking water wells near Possum Point. READ MORE… Sewage Overflows in Baltimore City Back in 2002, Baltimore City entered into a binding agreement (a consent decree) with the U.S. Department of Justice and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to fix its failing sewage system by January 2016. The agreement required Baltimore City to repair essential infrastructure in the City’s sewage system to prevent raw sewage from entering waterways and neighborhoods – bringing Baltimore City into compliance with the Clean Water Act. Although Baltimore City made some progress in the intervening 14…
Dominion's coal ash stockpile in Chesapeake is more than three times previous estimate By Dave Mayfield  When the Sierra Club filed a federal lawsuit against Dominion Virginia Power early last year over coal ash stored at the Chesapeake Energy Center, the environmental group wasn’t sure how much ash was in question. It knew there was ash in at least three places: a former pond area, a landfill built atop that area in the mid-1980s and a still-active pond at the south end of the site. The only number the Sierra Club’s lawyers felt comfortable in citing was Dominion’s estimate for what was in the landfill: 937,000 cubic yards, or about 1 million tons.Read more...Published in the The Virginian-Pilot on June 8, 2016