Wednesday 22 May 2019

Middle Susquehanna Riverkeeper

Carol Parenzan is our new Middle Susquehanna RIVERKEEPER®dedicated to protecting, improving, and preserving the health of the Middle Susquehanna River Watershed, starting at the confluence of the West and North branches and continuing to the headwaters of the West Branch and to just south of the New York border on the North Branch. Residents of and visitors to the Middle Susquehanna River Watershed expect and deserve clean (swimmable, drinkable, and fishable) water.

Middle Susquehanna Riverkeeper Carol Parenzan can be found on, in, around, or near water. She watches over her section of the Susquehanna River with environmental, engineering, educational, and entrepreneurial eyes. In addition to earning a degree in environmental engineering with a focus in water from Penn State University, she has over 30 years of consulting experience, working with the engineering and environmental communities. She is the published author of over 30 books for the children’s education market, including those that address the environment and river life. She is the developer of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and STEAM (with the inclusion of Arts) programs for schools, libraries, museums, and youth organizations. Carol is an avid paddler and can be found throughout the watershed navigating her ultralight double-paddle canoe while sharing her passion for the Susquehanna River and her tributaries with residents and visitors.

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