Sunday 19 May 2019

Waterkeepers in the News (173)

Enjoy these recent news articles, videos and other media mentions about our member Waterkeepers.

Lower James Riverkeeper:

James River Association applauds McAuliffe for amendments to coal ash bill The James River Association commended Governor McAuliffe for his amendments to Senate Bill 1398 which, if amended as proposed, will require full assessments of coal ash ponds to be completed prior to the issuance of permits for their closure. “These amendments provide a common sense approach to a complex issue and ensure that coal ash ponds are closed properly to safely protect Virginia’s precious water resources for the future,” said Jamie Brunkow, Lower James Riverkeeper for the James River Association. READ MORE Published Wednesday, Mar. 22, 2017 by the August Free Press
McAuliffe proposes giving Alexandria more time to fix sewage discharge problem Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe is proposing to give the city of Alexandria until 2027 to stop millions of gallons of raw sewage from entering the Potomac River, two years beyond a deadline set under legislation passed by the General Assembly, his office said Monday. In amendments to a state bill that seeks to stop decades of pollution to the Chesapeake Bay caused by combined sewer pipes in Alexandria and other jurisdictions, McAuliffe (D) also proposes changing the start date for repairs to July 2024 from July 2023. READ MORE Published on March 27, 2017 by Antonio Olivo in The Washington Post
Big turnout at Cambrige workshop dealing with water issues CAMBRIDGE — Cambridge residents eager to help cut pollution in the Chesapeake Bay and solve water-related problems in their own yards packed into a meeting organized by the Cambridge Clean Water Advisory Committee at a time when a proposed federal budget would eliminate funding to clean up the Bay. The Residential Water Quality Workshop, held at the Dorchester County Public Library March 22, aimed to explain ways to reduce the large amount of pollution-laden water that runs off roofs and yards, then into local waterways and the Bay. READ MORE Published on March 29, 2017 by Laetitia Sands in the Dorchester Banner